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The HOW TO of the Impact of Color

Color is powerful. Color is Creating our Lives.

Color is Creating Your Life.

Would You Like Life to be Easier?

This course is like nothing else on the planet.  

For anyone who wants to get the most out of their spaces and their lives.  

Learn about color, how it influences behavior and how to USE color to create spaces where people thrive.

Course Contents Below  

Learn to Be Color Confident

Add Well-being Color Design to Your Own Spaces, Your Design or Architecture Practice or Create a Business in Color Consulting. 

It's ALL here from my 30+ years designing spaces for Health, Well-Being & Success 
with the power of Interior Design, Feng Shui and Color

Join us!

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About the Course

from Fawn

About the Course

This is a fun and interactive journey into the world of color and how it creates our lives. Together we build your confidence with color and designing with color.

  • How is the course delivered?

    Starting May 2, the course will be delivered LIVE All l of the Chapters and Course Materials will be parked here, and your physical materials will be covered in the course. The Chapters will be parked here in the course both as a video and audio recording for your anytime viewing and reviewing.

  • When is the Course? When does it start?

    We start May 2 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time Each Chapter is then delivered LIVE each Wednesday after that, also at 1:00 pm Eastern time.

  • What do I need for the course?

    Resources needed: --Something to access the internet --Internet --Excitement about Color and how to use it -- Willingness to have fun-- Time to experience and experiment and get to know the colors around you-- --Beyond that, we will cover everything in the course that will be helpful to your Color Confidence. We will connect you with color tools.

  • How long are the classes?

    Each Chapter is roughly 1-1/2 to 2 hours and each video between 10-20 minutes.

  • What if I cannot make the LIVE presenations?

    The LIVE presentations will be recorded and available to you in the course.

  • What if I have questions?

    Throughout the course, I will schedule LIVE "hang out" sessions where we can talk, design and have fun. I will be available for your questions and answers. You also have access to me any time you need.

  • Will I learn how to build a business around Color Consulting?

    Yes, we cover what you need to know about running a Color Consulting Business, onsite and online.

  • What if I don't want to be Certified?

    No problem, just skip those Chapters. The information here is powerful. This is my way of making the information in my book, The Gentle SHIFT come alive for anyone who knows there's more to our spaces than meets the eye.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Color Moves Us - Making Color Easy

    • Color Made Easy & Fun: What You Need to Know About Color

    • The Four Dimensions of Color and Why They Matter

    • Save Time & Money: Undertones to Dial It IN Right!

    • It's More than Just Color - Color Psychology Simplified

    • Colors Room by Room

    • From One Room to the Whole House

    • Your New Color Tools: What you Need, How to Get Them, How to Use Them, How to Wow Your Clients without even trying

  • 2

    Why & When Trends Matter - Quickly Become an Expert for Your Customer

    • A Little Bit About Trends - What You Need to Know

    • Color Trends NOW

    • Check your Color Confidence

  • 3

    Easy Color Savvy

    • Where to Start when Creating A Color Scheme (For Yourself & Customers)

    • What Stays, What Will Change AND When? Why People Sometimes Don't Tell the Truth

    • How Light & Other Items Affect Your Color Selection / Don't Get This One Wrong

    • Avoiding Mis-tints and Saving Money

    • Testing 1 2 3 Save Money - Get them to Sign on the Dotted Line

    • Check Your Colour Confidence

  • 4

    Color & Design of Interior Spaces

    • How You Can Create a Well Designed Space

    • How We "READ" and Respond to Spaces

    • How to Design with Color for the Purpose of the Room

    • Subconscious Design - Creating Behavior with Color

    • How to Change Architecture with Color

    • Check your Color Confidence

  • 5

    The Exterior Color Selection - 5 Easy Steps

    • Components of a GREAT Exterior

    • Understand Exterior Styles, Regions and Their Colors

    • Selecting The Color Scheme

    • The Exterior Color Consultation

    • Check Your Color Confidence

  • 6

    Staging - Where Dollars Meet Color & Design

    • Colors = Money When Selling - Which to Use Where and How

    • The Scoop on Buyers and Sellers

    • Quick Sale or Higher Than Expected Sale? Or both?

    • What to Look For - What is Important - How to Know What to Change

    • Check Your Color Confidence

  • 7

    Working with People - Secrets for Success

    • How To Work with Women, Men & Couples

    • How to Work with Children

    • How to Work with SCHOOLS & Classrooms

    • How To Work With Painters & Paint Stores

    • How to Work with Real Estate Professionals

    • Check Your Color Confidence

  • 8

    The Color Consultation - as a Stand Alone Service

    • Where the consultation begins

    • Which Color Tools To Take With You - Always

    • Where the Consultation Begins -- And Ends -- How to Respect Your Own Time & Money

    • Questions You Must Ask

    • From "One Room" to the "Whole House"

    • How to Charge - How to "Coupon" Your Customers

    • Charging, UpSelling, Getting Paid

    • How to do a REMOTE Consultation - Zoom? It CAN be Done with These Cautions

  • 9

    The Business of Color: Marketing & Closing with Color

    • The Business of Color Consulting - What You Need To Know

    • Color as a Lead to Greater

    • How to Market Your Consultations

    • How to Use Social Media to Your Benefit

    • How To Take Amazing Before & After Images

    • Check Your Color Confidence

  • 10

    Becoming Color Confident

    • Where to Start to Become Color Confident

    • Practical Exam 1 - Your Spaces

    • Practical Exam 2 - A Friend, Relative, or Neighbor's Color Consultation

    • You are A Certified Color Expert!

    • Resources & Introductions

  • 11

    Congratulations! Woo Hoo!!

    • You ARE Color Confident and a Certified Color Professional!

    • Amazing Resources for YOU!

Instructor: Fawn Chang

Creating Better Lives with Interior Design, Feng Shui & Color

For nearly 30 years, Fawn has been demonstrating how and why our lives are directly affected by the places we live, work, learn, heal and more. Her designs have been the leading edge of the trend to live a healthier and happier life through conscious design of the built environments in which we live, work, play and heal. She joyfully shares this wisdom within this course, (and with her clients and audiences), helping them to build their own skills to design spaces that serve their purpose to align people with their goals. Bring life back to life with Color ... create a business helping others to enjoy life more with color.